How to Choose Golf Balls

Many people find golf interesting. Some of them are just doing it for leisure while others compete to be the best golfer. Some are very skilled and professional in playing while others are just starting to learn. For a beginner, being familiar with the equipments is a very important thing to learn. Among these equipments is the golf ball, the object that is being hit by the club. It is very important to choose the right kind of golf balls suited for the player to enhance his or her control of the ball.


So how should one pick the golf ball that is right for him or her? Here are some steps:

1.    Identify oneself. First and foremost, the fundamental step is classifying oneself what kind of player he or she is. It can be among these three: the beginners, the intermediate players, and the expert players.

2.    Do a little background research on golf balls and other related topics. Before starting to play, looking at its basics and brief history.This is a helpful tool to understand its composition, construction, and the science behind it, as well as the aspects involved and factors to consider.

3.    Choose a ball construction type. Beginners or neophytes to the game should pick two-piece golf balls. These balls are the most common and bought by many. This is appropriate for range practices and game improvement. Intermediate golfers or those who have already known the basics of golf and played several times, a three-piece hybrid golf ball is recommended. It can increase the spin rate and control. For experts, four-piece performance ball, also known as multi-layered golf ball, can be used.

4.    Select the desired ball compression rating. Compression rating is the measure of how much a ball compresses when the club head collides with it. When the collision happens, the ball takes flight. This measurement is expressed in whole numbers. Various balls also have corresponding compression ratings, but usually, it can range from 80 to 100. This aspect depends on the golfer’s swing speed. For those who have low swing speed, a compression rating value from 80 to 90 is suggested. For high speed swingers, a value of 100 is preferred.

5.    Know the rate of side spin. Relative to swing speed, knowing the side spin is also vital. For those having high side spins, choose thoseballs that reduce this, which are commonly three-piece balls. For those that have low side spin, pick the balls that will increase it. This will help in improving the distance the ball may cover and the accuracy of the player.

6.    Assess the price. Set a monetary budget for buying golf balls. There are brands that can meet one’s preference at a reasonable price. Pick those brands that fit your price range.

7.    Overall game play must be evaluated. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a player by himself or herself is also very important. This is discovered by practicing and playing more golf games. It is recommended that if the golfer is short fifteen yards from his or her driving point, balls designed for long distances should be chosen. If he or she can maintain hitting the green, balls with additional spin can be picked.

Golf is not an easy sport. A lot of skills should be acquired and a bunch of practice is needed to be able to play. Choosing the wrong golf balls used in a play makes it more difficult to control the game. Knowing and picking the appropriate kind of balls that matches the ability, strength, and preference of the player is a one big jump start in understanding and playing golf.

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golf gameIt is very important to choose the right kind of golf balls suited for the player to enhance his or her control of the ball.