Manufacturing And Customizing Silicone Wristbands

Silicone rubber wristbands are highly versatile materials manufactured around the world for a variety of use. We are not confined in using them for fashion because all other industries in the field of business, sports and education use them.

Silicone BraceletsIn recent years, we have seen the increasing demand of manufacturing wristbands for several industries. The popularity of these items as promotional marketing strategies paved the way for manufacturing companies to achieve significant increase in their revenues. Not to mention, a lot of other wristband manufacturing companies have expanded their businesses into the consumer market.

One part of rubber wristband’s appeal is its easy customization option. A simple yet effective molding process could already produce a relatively large number of silicone wristbands and several manufacturing companies allow their customers to request for personalized messages, sizes and colors that suit their needs. Our never ending creativity and design modification combined with the item’s affordability contribute to its ever increasing demand as a consumer good.

The Production Stage

Although several bracelets are still manufactured using synthetic rubbers as materials, majority of decorative bracelets produced today are made from silicone. What is silicone? This is a kind of polymer substance that possesses elastomeric qualities making it flexible and resistive to water at the same time. Originally created for insulation purposes, silicone also has limited heat-resisting qualities due to its susceptibility to deterioration when exposed to UV.

Typically, this material is extruded into tubes or strips with varying thickness. After that, the compressed material is now molded into rounded shapes. Usually, color dyeing is part of the pre-molding process however, manufacturing companies have the option to change the original color depending on the requirement.

Silicone wristbands exhibit high elasticity levels that allow them to stretch when worn over most of our wrists. With this, majority of these wristbands are manufactured based on a circumference that falls between 7 to 8.5 inches. Approximately, its standard width should be .5 inches while its thickness should be about a 10th of a single inch.

Customized texts and colors

Usually, the popularity of silicone rubber wristbands stems from their capacity to show messages. Wristband texts could either be customized by clients companies and individuals or chosen from wide array of familiar predetermined phrases.

These text come in different designs and styles including:

1. Debossed.

It’s usually the most frequent type of wristband we purchase where its letters are pressed on the silicone’s surface via imprint molds.

2. Embossed.

This type of wristband has raised letters which protrude from the surface by approximately 2 millimetres.

3. Colored debossed.

It’s the type of wristband where we get to see colored texts that are pressed on the surface to make them more visible.

In addition to the designs and styles mentioned above, we can also request for other customization options to our orders. These include wider color selection or detailed pattern design. As a result, we get to enjoy different single or multi-colored bands and even marbleized segmented bands.

Multiple Usage

Rubber braceletsApart from being used as popular trendy accessories, these wristbands have a lot of other uses too. One well-known use of silicone wristbands is for fundraising and charitable causes. Usually, we see silicone rubber bracelets being used to represent a specific campaign against diseases; to support for calamity victims (tsunami relief opeations); to show unity and solidarity among community groups or sporting teams and a lot more. Normally, most wristband manufacturers give discounts for bulk or wholesale purchases and several organizations take this opportunity to strongly support their cause.

More than this, silicone rubber wristbands are also considered as effective brand-awareness and marketing tools. A lot of organizations give away wristbands as promotional items carrying the brand’s name and logo. This is done to raise brand recall and recognition which can potentially lead to an increase in sales. By doing this cost-effective type of strategy, companies and organizations can focus on other aspects of their businesses.

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Silicone wristbands are highly versatile materials manufactured around the world for a variety of use. Click here for more idea about Silicone wristbands.